The Wolf Guardians

Staff- Greyfur, Medacinepouch and Wolfkeeper

Hello, I am Greyfur. I am a huge Wolf lover. I am currently located in Germany, away from any wolves... witch is sad. I am the general Site Manager, so, if you see any mistakes, alert me In the Feedback Section! 

 Hi! My name is Medacinepouch and I help run the site with Greyfur and Wolfkeeper! It's really great to have you on here and know that there are other people just as worried about the plight of the wolf as we are! A little about myself: I love Green Day almost as much as I love wolves (which is a lot!) and I originate from the American deep south, though I'm currently living in the south west of England. I'm going to school with Wolfkeeper and we are both doing our best to raise awareness about wolves in our area before hopefully moving on to a much larger scale in future. Thanks again for visiting our site and we hope it helps you be illuminated about the real Wolf and it's plight!

hi, i'm wolfkeeper and i am so glad that you have joined the WOLF GUARDIANS UNITED! I help Medacinepouch and Greyfur to give YOU, yes YOU, the chance to know all of the latest news in wolf conservation. we would love it if you could join us! oh and don't forget to say..............ALL HAIL THE WOLVES!

thank you!